Monday, December 21, 2009

Blogging Mamas!

Here we are, the West Valley T1 support group bloggers, at the annual Christmas party.  If you haven't already, please visit:

Leigh - My Two Monkeys
Kelly - Chasing Numbers
Tracy - The Ripley Mommy
Wendy - Candy Hearts

We all blog about life in general, life as a mom/wife/pancreas, and how life with diabetes affects us very different ways, yet with a common thread running through it all.  I'm ever so thankful to have my support group and blogging mama friends to keep me (mostly) sane!

Thanks, Wendy, for the camera is still being most uncooperative. :P~~~~~~~, camera!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Christmas party

Last night, our diabetes support group got together for our 2nd annual holiday party, at Santa's Winter Home in Arizona.  Thanks to the Musils, who have the most beautifully decorated holiday house EVER!  We even had a special visit from the Jolly Ol' Elf himself, who came in and delivered gifts to all the deserving little people (and not so little people, too).

(imagine a cute little picture here - when I can get my camera running I'll put one in)

It's always wonderful to get together with other families who live with Type 1 every day.  We speak a common language, that of infusion sets and basal rates and carb counts.  "Why is she HIGH?" has an entirely different meaning in our little corner of the world, and when you ask that question to a d-parent, no one gives you the look that says, "I'm calling CPS and the police department as soon as she turns her back". 

In related news, I got Missy Miss to wear a Navigator sensor again - Happy Holidays to me! The kids are going off to Grandma and Grandpa's house while I take the Dear Husband to have his gallbladder removed and he recuperates for a couple of days.  G & G are great at helping her, but I want her to start taking some baby steps towards responsibility of her care when she is on her own.  Hopefully having the Navigator on will help her to manage her numbers a little more without the constant need for finger poking (which she isn't great at remembering to do if a parental person isn't around).   I do so love the Navigator and its constant stream of information....

We at Casa de Rambling wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year full of blessings!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's the most wonderful time.....

How can it be mid-December already?  Wasn't it Labor Day just a minute ago?

My mother always told me that as I got older, time would seem to go faster.  Once again, she was right.....I wish she were here for me to tell her that in person.  I know she is watching and LAUGHING her head off at me.....I thought I was so smart.  Now I look at my own daughter and wonder if she will look back some day and realize I'm not quite the brainless lump she takes me to be.  I sure hope so.

We here at Chez Rambling are not quite into the swing of the holidays yet.  Tree not up, no lights outside, not much done in the way of gifts.  I have an enormous list of fabulous CWD friends to send cards to, and I promise that I REALLY, REALLY will send them.....just as soon as I get the photos taken to have them made. Eep, I had better get moving!

Many thanks to friends Kelly  and Joanne for the Circle of Friends award!  This comes with 2 conditions:
Tell five things you love and pass it on to five more friends.  So, here we go....

1.  My husband -  Yes, you may give me the "Thank you, Captain Obvious" award to go along with this one.  I've known him longer than I haven't.  He's been by my side through just about every major event in my life and hasn't run screaming away yet.  He's patient and kind and puts up with me no matter what, and he's a great dad to Missy Miss and Mister Boychild.  Is he perfect?  Well, he's perfect for me. :)

2.  My kids - I know, the second most obvious answer. Despite impending teenagerhood and the perils of puberty, and despite threats to the contrary, I wouldn't trade them for anything.  They make me laugh, they exasperate me, and they keep me off balance 99% of the time.  Which is probably really, really good for me, even when I don't appreciate it during the moment.

3.  My job - Some days I wonder how in the world I'll get through, and some days I have to drag myself there. But I can't imagine doing anything else.....when I finally make that breakthrough with a tough kid or someone finds a reason to be proud of him/herself and the smile lights up the classroom, I know that I am doing what I was meant to do.  Would I like a bigger paycheck? Well, duh! But sometimes the pay doesn't show up in the bank account, but in the heart.  Added bonus - FABULOUS coworkers who keep me laughing, keep me on my toes, and keep me sane in the staff meetings!

4.  Insulin - another "Captain Obvious" sentiment to be sure.  If it weren't for insulin having been discovered by Banting and Best and crew, I wouldn't have a daughter to make me crazy any more. Some days I hate diabetes more than others (it is NEVER my favorite thing) , but every day I remind myself to be grateful for that which keeps her alive.

5.  The members of the DOC - The Diabetes Online Community.  I truly believe that if I hadn't found the CWD site I would have lost what remaining sanity I have. From there, it branched off into mailing lists, blogs, the formation of our local support group, and our traveling to events in California and Florida.  Most of my local d-mom friends either blog or post on lists that I frequent, and I have virtual friends all across the US and Canada (and a few farther-flung than that).  I've learned so much from and gotten support from those who have already walked this path and from those who are following in the steps we've left behind us.  Being a parent of a child with diabetes is frustrating, frightening and challenging but the DOC (local and virtual) is the family that keeps me propped up and going when I need help. 

Now, to pass it on to five friends!  OK, four friends.

Kat, who I've known since we were in grade school and who updates her blog less than I do...if that's even possible :)
Michelle,  a CWD mom that I've had the pleasure of meeting in person....she is an extraordinary writer on top of all the other hats she wears
Major Bedhead, whose blog was one of the first I found when I looking for d-blogs and who inspires me to keep on keeping on.  I'm sure she's received this already but I'm sending it to her again.
Splendidly Imperfect Miss M, who I met many moons ago as a teen-aged one-on-one aide to a student and who has become a married-college graduate-mom-super crafter extraordinaire!

I think everyone else I know who blogs has been tagged already.  If you haven't, consider yourself awarded and let us see your list!