Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break

Well, it's spring break once again, and I'm left wondering how the heck the year got this far already. I've barely blinked and 3/4 of the school year has passed me by! Geez, how old do I sound? ;)

This means that I have kids who will alternate between wanting to lie in front of the TV/Wii all day long and wanting to be shuttled here, there, and everywhere in between, spending copious amounts of money (mine) while they are out and about. The good news is that beloved Auntie and Uncle are coming for a visit from the frozen upper Midwest, so said relatives may take kiddies to Grandma's house for a couple of days. If only I could get the Navigator replaced and working before they go, I'll feel ever so much better about sending them off!

Yes, that's right.....the glorious, wonderful piece of medical marvelousness that is the Abbott Freestyle Navigator Continuous Glucose Monitor has broken. 4 weeks of use, and the itty-bitty little plastic pin that attaches the transmitter (the permanent part) to the sensor bracket (the replaceable part) has broken off. You'd think that a several-hundred-dollar pieces of technology would be locked in with something more than a 2-cm long plastic nub....nope. I'm not even sure how it broke off, but have to assume that it happened when I was removing the transmitter from the bracket in order to trick it into another 5-day session. Even though we now have insurance coverage for the sensors, I am trying to get as much usage as possible out of *everysingleoneofthem*. Having spent $60+ per sensor out of pocket for the last type we tried, it kills me to remove something that is working fine because the FDA says I have to. :P Guess I'm a little more defiant of authority than I thought I was....

Anyhow, the lovely customer-service folks at Abbott (who are on call 24/7, which amazes me) say that we will have a replacement transmitter by Tuesday, Wednesday before 10 AM at the latest. Which should make it possible for said kiddies to go to grandma's house. Have I mentioned lately how fabulous it is for my kids to be old enough to go off to grandma's and stay for a few days? I know lots of people send their kids off when they are teeny, and it's just fine. Not sure why, but I was always worried about having them go stay the night elsewhere when they were little. I was even concerned about grandma's house, even though I know she would do any- and everything possible to keep them safe and secure, just as the hubby and I would. I suppose some of that worry came from the fact that dh's parents live 2 1/2 hours away from us, so if something should befall them I'm not close enough by to get there quickly.

Anyhow, enough rambling for today. It's going to be 80 degrees outside today, and I should take my pasty white self outside and do something in the sun before it suddenly becomes summer! It will be here in another blink of the eye.....


  1. Bummer about Nav...but they'll get it the new part to you ASAP :) I love their customer service.

    Our Nav experience continues to be hit and miss. At the moment it's a hit. Last night a miss. Just like everything else in diabetes, I guess...

  2. I dropped by your blog when I saw that you teach...among other things. Sounds like you have a very full life.

    I'm a children's author. I post writing exercises for teachers, parents, and writers. Please stop by and visit me sometime.


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