Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What is the silliest thing that ever happened to you?

The silliest thing that ever happened to me was finding myself in an episode of Roadrunner vs.Coyote, or Tom vs Jerry.

I slipped and fell on a banana peel.

It wasn't entirely my fault.....I stepped into (or, more accurately, ONTO) a trap.
Said banana peel was carefully placed inside the exterior doors of the administration building at my school. It was late on a busy Friday afternoon, and I was hustling around trying to get my classroom cleared up from the week, prepped for Monday, and ready for the school carnival on Saturday. I left my classroom and headed toward the teacher's workroom, meaning to make a few copies of something for the following week.

The school was busy, with lots of parents working on carnival preparations, and their kids running about, some more supervised than others. I walked up to the double steel doors, turned the handle, and began to step inside. I heard a variety of shouts - "No!" "Don't!" "Pick that up right now!" without knowing what they were for.....until my left foot landed squarely on the peel that had been carefully placed just inside the doorframe. Suddenly, I began a slow-motion slide that resulted in a near-splits, with my entire self coming down onto my left wrist. I rolled onto the floor, in quite a daze. I had no idea how I'd gone from upright to on my back, looking up into the shocked eyes of a former student of mine.

This child, a first grader, decided it would be EVER so funny to watch someone go sliding just like in the cartoons. What she didn't realize was that it would be ME, her last year's teacher, that would hit the deck! A rapid recitation of "I'm sorry I'msorry I'msorryMrs.D I'm sorry I'm sorry" rang through the hallway. I'm quite certain that, had I the ability to burn holes in steel with my eyes, the child would have gone up in a puff of smoke. Several parents (who had of COURSE witnessed the entire embarrassing show) helped me up and shooed her away. I assured them that I was fine, continued on into the office, and went in to tell the secretary what had happened. When I got into the office, I realized that my arm was screaming in pain and swelling up so fast that I didn't think I'd be able to remove my watch.

Two visits to the OSHA clinic, one to the x-ray facility, and a day off work for doctor's appointments later, it was determined that I did NOT have a broken wrist, rather a bad sprain.
Everywhere I went, when I had to describe what happened, the reactions ranged from raised eyebrows to guffaws of hysterical laughter.

I spent about 10 weeks going to physical therapy three times a week to rehabilitate from my little cartoon adventure. Why this post now, 2 years later? Because I picked up my rolling tote of teacher goodies today and promptly dropped it; my left wrist completely gave way when I tried to lift it out of the back of the MomWagon.

Apparently, my recuperative powers are not quite up to the same level as those of the Coyote.
Even though the label on banana peel said Dole, not ACME.

So, what is the silliest thing that ever happened to you, Gentle Reader?


  1. OH MY! Not that your banana mishap is funny, but you sure made it SOUND that way. YIKES! You just can't catch a break lately can you? ((HUGS))

  2. GEEZ!!!!! I'll bet that hurt!!!!

    Me...well...I...er...peed my pants on my boyfriend's front lawn while waiting for someone to answer the door. I was 16. And mortified!!!!


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