Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy fall (break) , y'all ...sniff, sneeze

It's finally cooling off here in the 7th circle of Hell, aka central Arizona.   Mid October, and the temps are finally in the double digits rather than triple....bringing with them the cool mornings and hot afternoons that require jackets over shorts and tshirts.  I'll take that over 115 any day.  We're sitting with the doors and windows open tonight, a nice cool breeze coming through to take away the "heat" of the day.  It was about 85 indoors at one point, but I was steadfast and did NOT turn the a/c back on.  We have about 6 months of electric bills that are enormously inflated by a/c use, so I try to really keep it off once we shut it down. Generally speaking we are the opposite of the majority of the nation - our heating bills are not the huge ones.  It's the "summer", which generally begins somewhere around April Fool's Day and lasts until the end of September.  

The temperature changes have brought allergy/flu junk along with them.  It seems that Missy Miss has some version of the flu, or some other ugly, nasty virus.   We came home from  the Children With Diabetes conference in La Jolla and she promptly developed a sore throat....two days later, fever and a deep chest cough. She's been sleeping like mad and her blood sugars, well, SUCK.  I've been running a temp rate of 130% to 150% to keep her semi-down to normal....Otherwise it's nothing but 250s and up.   So far the rest of us haven't had much, just slight sore throats and sniffles.  I'm hoping we all can stave off the germs.  Vitamins and LOTS of hand-washing...

The hubs is having more stomach issues.  He went for an ultrasound last week, and this week I get to take him for an endoscopy.  The GI doc thinks it's his gallbladder....which wouldn't be too shocking considering his diet and lifestyle. :)  He doesn't have stomach pain so much as chest pain, which is a little (lot) scary.  He's had enough cardiac exams and tests to know that it's not actually his heart now, which led to trying stomach meds and finally going to the GI.   No one in my family can have normal symptoms; we all have to have freakishly strange things that make figuring out the problem more challenging, and stressful.

More on the CWD conference later this week; since it's Fall Break (woo hoo!) I have some time to try to update the blog more than once a month.  :)

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  1. So happy to see you back around :) I can't wait to hear all about the conference...and will be praying that the bugs and such leave without much fuss!!!


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