Saturday, November 7, 2009

Diabetes, must you intrude EVERYWHERE?

In the last 2 weeks, Miss M tried out for the school cheer team.  Yes, indeed, my dark and twisty girl who would be goth in a heartbeat if I would let her (well, her sanitized version, anyhow) wanted to join the school jump-up-and-down-and-be-perky squad.  She worked really hard after not making it last year, practicing her dance, her moves, and smiling on cue. 

Monday night, she was dancing in the kitchen, her lovely brother harassing her, when she turned and said, "Mom, I'm going to make it this year. I'm going to smile a lot more.  I think I didn't make it last year because I didn't smile enough. Oh, and because I have diabetes."

'Scuse me?  Did I REALLY just hear that?

I think I swallowed my tongue.  When I regained the power of speech, I asked her to clarify that last statement. Calmly, I hope....she said, "S (a girl on the squad) told me she heard Ms A. talking to someone and she said that C and I didn't make the squad last year because of us having diabetes. We were way better than some of the people who made it." 

OhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhKay.  Start breathing again.  Calm down before responding.  Engage brain.

I told her that I hoped that S was mistaken, and that I would hope that Ms A wouldn't have kept her and/or C off the squad due to diabetes, since she KNOWS that I am always there and she KNOWS that would be highly illegal, not to mention just flat-out WRONG. I tried to remind her that she was only a 6th grader last year, that nearly 40 people tried out for 12 spots, and that mostly 7th and 8th graders made it....sigh. I encouraged her to do her best, to keep practicing and to smile, and see what happens.  She said she was pretty sure it was the diabetes.  I really thought it might have been the crabby attitude and lack of practice, but I kept that to myself.....


Tuesday, I mentioned it to the coworker who was helping to judge tryouts.  After her head stopped exploding, she said she would make sure that there was nothing of the sort taking place this year.  :)
I asked her what she thought I should do, and she said go talk to Ms A.....which I *so* did not want to do.  As much as I talk and shoot off my mouth without thinking (KPF, you stop laughing right now) I really do NOT enjoy conflict. Turned out that I had to leave for a doctor's appointment before I could find her - how sad is it that I'd rather have a shot of cortisone directly injected into my shoulder than go have an unpleasant conversation? Tryouts commenced, and when I returned from the doctor to pick up Miss M, she said she thought it had gone well. Coworker M came through my room and told her she had done well - M excitedly asked, "HOW well?" and Coworker M said, "well, the decision is being made now so I don't know, but you were good!"  That made Miss M feel better.

Wednesday morning - nope. No cheer squad for M.
Wednesday mid-day, in the staff lounge, Miss A comes in to the copy machine. I decided to bite the bullet, so to speak, and tell her that a little birdie had informed my daughter that she didn't make cheer because of diabetes.  She was shocked, appalled, angry that someone would say such a thing, and told me she thought M was very close and should try out again next year. I asked her to please, then, TELL Miss M that she did well and that diabetes was NOT the reason she did not make the squad.   She agreed, and on the way out of school at the end of the day, stopped Miss M and said, "Hey! Come talk to me tomorrow. I want to talk to you."  M thought she was in trouble. :)

I don't know the gist of the conversation, but I do know it took place, and M seems to be okay with everything.....I don't know if I'm more annoyed that someone who has been a friend to M since kindergarten would tell her that, or annoyed that she didn't make the squad, or annoyed at diabetes having to stick its stinking nose into every little thing all the dang time.

And in the grand scheme of things, with people losing loved ones this week and mass shootings taking place, this isn't really a major issue - except to one twelve-year-old girl and her heart.



  1. I'm really glad that got cleared just about made me explode when I read it!!!!!

    Next year will be her year...I can feel it! I remember when I was going into high school...I tried out for Show Troupe - and it took 3 auditions before I made it for my senior year.

    Tell M to hang in there...and give her lots of hugs!

  2. I am so not on key today and have not been since 3 days ago . I think i must be a zombie today going through the motions and thinking about things . It was important to you and miss M because that is the way it is . Im glad that you got it all worked out and found out the real truth . thanks for caring about the rest of us too .

  3. Oh man. Well, at least Meghan gets back out there and tries again! Good for her! That isnt many spots.....thats for sure.


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