Friday, January 9, 2009


This was the first week back to school after Christmas (or to be more PC, the "Winter Break") and it felt like we had been gone for months! Getting out of the routine is sure a lot easier than getting back into it. Of course, everyone being sick isn't helping the situation. I got sick over Thanksgiving weekend, and eventually got in to the doctor to find out that I had a raging ear infection that I didn't even feel (?). Mister Boychild missed several days of school with fever, originally thought to be a virus, later determined via x-rays to be a sinus infection. MissyMiss had a cough, but her numbers never rose so I didn't take it too seriously, and within a couple of days she was fine. Diabetes does provide a lovely early-warning-system to impending illness; MM's numbers will invariably go up 24-48 hours prior to any other symptoms appearing. One slight glimmer of silver lining in the D cloud, perhaps?

Of course, we had to relapse over Christmas. What's a holiday without an illness or 3? Teachers have a way of falling prey to the assorted little germies so graciously shared by their students as soon as we get away from our classrooms for more than a weekend. MB and I both started round 2 of antibiotics, and dear Husband wound up with a massive ear infection as well. The good news to all that was that we could stay home and recuperate!

Sunday night, Mister Boychild began complaining of pain in and under his eye, 8 days into the second round of Omnicef. We finally got him back into the pedi's office yesterday, to find out that Omnicef might as well have been water for all the good it was (NOT) doing him. Round 3: Augmentin. Bringing out the big guns! MM decided to wait until during the school week to stage her relapse. Today, she's been flirting with 250 on and off all day, and cranky to boot. I hope she doesn't end up with the same thing.

Both kids were asleep in front of various televisions by 7:00, and the hubby was out by 8.

So why can't I sleep, now that I have the chance?
At least I don't have to get up early tomorrow. YAY!!!
Happy weekend, one and all.

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