Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two week post-tonsils

Happily, I survived the tonsillectomy! Truthfully, there were a few days that I wished I hadn't. I'm so happy for Vicodin (to kill the pain) and Phenergan (to kill the nausea caused by the Vicodin). I'm so happy that my husband took good care of me and even stayed home an extra day and a half because I felt so lousy. I'm so happy that we were able to schedule this "little procedure" at a time where both my kids could be gone away for a week, so I could rest easily without having to worry about what they were up to while I was unconscious. Which I was for the better part of seven days.

The night before the operation, the kids went to friends' houses to stay the night and part of Friday. The Dear Husband and I went out for dinner (my last solid food for a while!) and came home to watch a movie. Bright and early Friday, sans coffee - which may have been the hardest part - we set out for the surgicenter. A brief wait, an IV full of saline, a quick chat with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, and away I went.
I heard, "This may burn a little going in", and then "Good night". I don't think I was awake 30 seconds in the operating room.

90 minutes later, give or take, and I was awakened by a nurse asking if I was OK, if I could swallow a pill, and if I could get myself dressed while she went to get DH. Door to door, the entire thing took a little more than 3 hours, and that was with 20 minutes' drive each direction! Dr. S came out and told DH that my tonsils were "QUITE large and QUITE deep", and that I should expect a sore throat for a good 10 days or so. Boy, he wasn't kidding.

Kids came home in the afternoon, finished packing, and I was a happy girl with icepacks around my neck and Sonic Slush for inside. Swallowing wasn't pleasant, but I was still well-medicated. Saturday saw the kids leaving for their assorted destinations and the anesthesia wearing off. Suddenly I wasn't quite sure that I should have gone through with it after all.

The next few days pass in a bit of a blur of ice water, shaved ice, jello, pudding, and pills. Somewhere along the way, Tuesday perhaps?, I decided to cut back on the 2 AM pain pills and instead of taking 1.5, I took one half a pill. Not very smart....the next day I was right back to taking about as much as I could choke down.

Strangely enough, Friday - 7 days post-op - saw me awaken to a throat that was significantly improved. One side hurt very little, and the other was down from 9 on the pain scale to about a 6. Miss M came home from camp on Saturday, and we had a lovely but unusual weekend with only one child. (She would have liked to keep it that way, but that wasn't going to happen.) By this past Monday, when Mr. M was brought home by his grandpa, I was feeling MUCH improved. I promptly overdid it, and wiped myself out. Typical me.

Today, Miss M tested positive from strep throat, a lovely souvenir from diabetes camp last week. Apparently a few campers tested positive at the end of the week, and I hear that there are quite a few post-camp cases of it circulating. I also had my post-op check today, and Dr. S said that I needn't worry. Theoretically, I could still catch strep throat, but odds are that I won't. How would I know? I still have a sore throat.

Sooo, as it stands, one side of my throat feels a lot like it would if I DID have strep. Or how it felt for a good deal of the past winter. More annoying is the lingering numbness in my tongue and the lack of sense of taste. Food doesn't have a lot of flavor for me at the moment, and sometimes i have trouble swallowing because 1/2 my tongue feels like I've been Novocained. Dr. S told me today that these may last a few weeks, even a few months.

Even if they do, I'll take that over being as sick as I was this year. Hopefully, the taste will come back and the numbness will dissipate....eventually.


  1. Hope she's feeling better and SO HAPPY you're on the mend too!

  2. "Theoretically, I could still catch strep throat, but odds are that I won't. How would I know? I still have a sore throat."

    I know that wasn't fun, but I'm sorry, I had to laugh at that!


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