Friday, July 24, 2009

The Winding Down of Summer

Doesn't that sound ridiculous? It's July. Here in Arizona, the season known as summer will continue until at least mid-September. Then we may see the end of 100+ degree days, and by mid-October, it may be necessary to wear long sleeves in the morning on the way to work (but run the a/c in the car on the way home).

So why is summer winding down?

Because schools starts in TWO WEEKS. Yes, indeed, the kiddos of Arizona will be returning to pencils and books and homework in mere moments. We teachers will be back even sooner.....and there ARE districts where teachers have ALREADY returned to work!

But it's SUMMER, you say! How can you go back to school when it's not even close to Labor Day? How can you send kids to the playground when it's 110 outside in the shade? Well, let's put it this way. The folks who make the calendars aren't the ones who are on playground duty, you know what I mean? Although, to be fair, if we started in September, we'd go well into June. You know, June....when the average temperature in Phoenix is 105, and our high was once 122?

It's hard to have a "summer vacation" when summer last 6 months.


  1. Can't we just play all day every day and forget the grind?

    I don't want to grow up.

  2. My friend teaches in the Roosevelt district and they're back already. It's insane.


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